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Re-IMAGINING the Arts at 重点大学: Celebrating the Past and Creating the Future


基斯顿学院的艺术. 这么多年来, that phrase has been synonymous with excellence – excellence in creativity and self-expression; excellence in art 教育; and excellence in bringing people together to appreciate beautiful and thought-provoking works of art in a host of mediums.

现在, Keystone is renewing its commitment to the arts as it reimagines the meaning of art to the current generation of college 学生 and to local communities. Keystone will focus on celebrating the college’s proud history and promising future in the arts with a “重新构想艺术庆典11月11日星期日. 五点到五点.m. 在学校的布鲁克斯剧院.

The event will honor the talented artists and educators who have dedicated their lives to making Keystone a recognized leader in the arts for decades and will also emphasize Keystone’s revitalized commitment through a more contemporary program that envisions an integrated environment for creative development and expression.

“Keystone’s tradition of excellence in the arts is legendary, not only in 教育 but also in promoting the work of faulty, 学生, 校友, 以及当地社区的客座艺术家,Keystone总裁约翰. Pullo,老. “现在, we intend to expand upon that tradition and renew our commitment to the arts and all that it can bring to Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond.”

十一月期间. 5事件, Keystone will celebrate retired members of its art faculty who played such major roles in developing the college’s excellent reputation for art 教育 in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The event will honor Professor Emeritus Karl Neuroth. A well-known and successful artist in his own right, Mr. Neuroth began his career at Keystone in 1970 and is widely credited, 和他的同事一起, for propelling the college’s art program to distinctive levels. He was awarded the prestigious Chamberlin Chair for Distinguished Service in 1980 and has also served as Coordinator of Exhibits, 招生服务主任, 美术学院院长. He retired in 2005 after 40 years of proud service to Keystone.

除了先生. Neuroth, Keystone Professor Emeritus William Tersteeg, and Professor Emeritus Cliff Prokop will also be recognized for their longtime achievements as artists and art educators.

Mr. Tersteeg was hired as an instructor in 1971 and granted tenure in 1978. He was promoted to associate professor in 1983 and professor in 1987, and became senior half-time professor in 2005 before retiring in 2011 after 40 years at Keystone. He received the Chamberlain Chair for Distinguished Service in 1990.

Mr. Prokop joined the Keystone faculty in 1973 and was granted tenure in 1980. He was promoted to associated professor in 1983 and professor in 2002 and was awarded the Chamberlain Chair for Distinguished Service in 2002. He was awarded the Chamberlin Chair for Distinguished Service in 2002. 目前退休, he received the Life Time Service Award in 2018 for 45 years of service to Keystone.

Re-IMAGINING the Arts will not only focus on the past but will celebrate Keystone’s present and, 更重要的是, 它的未来. 例如, Keystone’s renowned glass program and its Mobile Glass Studio are widely recognized for bringing the art of glass blowing to Northeastern Pennsylvania. The 重点大学 Glass Studio is the only program of its kind in the region.

Thanks to partnerships with organizations such as the Dorflinger Glass Museum, Nivert Metal Supply和其他许多公司, the glass program continues to thrive at Keystone and in the local community. 类似的, Keystone’s programs in areas such as studio art, 雕塑, 陶瓷, 平面设计, 数字媒体, 3 d打印技术, and photography continue to provide 学生 with strong foundational skills and opportunities which are essential to a successful career in the arts. Additional programs will be offered to focus on integrating skills and entrepreneurship in the arts.

While the Keystone’s past successes in the arts are renowned, the future is even brighter as the college reimagines the arts for the future. For more information, reservations, and sponsorship opportunities, visit www.梯形.edu/ReimaginingtheArts.

Recognized as one of the best 教育al values in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Keystone offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree options in liberal arts and science-based programs in business, 通信, 教育, 自然科学, 环境科学, 以及社会科学. Located on a beautiful 276-acre campus 15 minutes from Scranton, Pa. and two hours from New York City and Philadelphia, Keystone is known for small class sizes and individual attention focused on student success through internships, 研究, 社区参与.